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  • Full app access

  • Unlimited group sessions

  • Group chats moderated by Brightplate nutritionists

  • Optional food discounts worth $50 per week


25 /wk

$  30 /wk
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Get Personal
  • Full app access

  • 45 minute weekly call with your personal nutritionist

  • Up to 20 follow up texts a week

  • Optional food discounts worth $50 per week


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  • Unlimited calls with your personal nutritionist

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Incredible value
Whatever plan you choose, here's what to expect. 
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  • Health coaches with at least a Bachelor's degree in dietetics

  • Our 10-Step program with articles, videos and scientific studies outlining how and why to go plant-based per the evidence

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  • Step by step exercises based on the science of how habits get built and maintained

  • Powerful, practical tools for applying the best behavioral science to you day to day life
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  • Fresh perspectives and new flavors and foods to keep things interesting and fun


  • Delicious heat-and-eat meal bundles from our partners at specially discounted rates (optional)
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  • Coaching staff who are truly committed to ensuring your long-term success

  • Our mobile app with tips, tools and resources to guide you on your journey (see below)
User-friendly technology 

Secure data entry


Help us help you by providing our team with information on your health, diet, lifestyle and preferences.


Self-learn content


Browse our library of videos and articles on the why, what and how of going plant-based quickly and safely.


Coach messaging


Check in with your personal nutritionist or group to stay motivated and on-track for success


Progress tracking


Monitor how your weight, mood and personal health metrics improve as you commit and build new skills. 


Habit formation


Simple but powerful weekly exercises based on the best research into how behavior change really works

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