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lose thOSE pandemic pounds

A study of 96,000 found that those who ate a mostly plant-based diet were, on average, 30 pounds lighter than those who ate a standard diet. A big reason why is the crucial concept of 'calorie density'. It's the secret to why countless studies show people who go plant-based manage to lose weight fast and it's central to everything we do. 

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Plant-based diets have been shown to reduce high blood pressure risk by 75% and diabetes risk by 72%. They've also been proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks, bone fractures, dementia, kidney disease and other conditions. If you're wondering why all doctors visits don't start with those facts you're not alone. We hope one day they will.

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Help save the planet 

 Animal agriculture contributes five times more to greenhouse gas emissions than airplane travel. That's just one of the many reasons why the UN and many other authorities say cutting back on meat and dairy is the single biggest step individuals can take to reduce our impact on the environment. 

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knock $750 off your food bills

Plant-based eating sometimes gets labelled as an expensive, elitist option - perhaps because so many athletes and movie stars have turned to it. But a peer reviewed study found that avoiding the meat and dairy aisles can save you $750 a year on groceries. Plus, Brightplate offers optional discounts on heat and eat meal deliveries that can save you $50 a week and cost under $5 per serving. 


improve stamina and aerobic capacity

Plant-based diets improve blood-flow, reduce inflammation and boost muscle recovery. Which helps explain why elite athletes from Carl Lewis to Venus Williams have sworn by them for years. 


reduce the risk of another pandemic

Covid-19, Spanish Flu, H1N1 and other pandemics all rose from rearing and selling animals for food, and chances are the next pandemic will too unless we fight back by collectively reducing demand for factory farmed produce. 


enjoy food MORE

(and more FOOD)

One of the greatest pleasures of going plant-based is discovering how little you miss foods you thought you couldn't live without. Instead new culinary horizons come into view as your confidence grows and your palate changes. Best of all though, the low calorie density of plant-based foods means you can eat more and still get in shape.


Brightplate is the first health and wellness company focused exclusively on helping people transition safely and swiftly to mostly or fully plant-based eating.


Our team spans four countries and includes, physicians, nutritionists, technologists and former healthcare industry executives.

We are united by our passion for innovation and our desire to build a brighter, healthier, more sustainable future for us and the planet. We are divided by our views on lentils.


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"It opened my eyes to a new way of eating that made me healthier and happier.

I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Tim, 61

Met his goals in 5 weeks 

"The first nutritionist that understood my challenges.

I really enjoyed our sessions. We worked as a team."

Amy, 53

Lost 10 lbs. in 8 weeks 

"I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm forever grateful for what I learned"

Megan, 48

Lost 20 lbs. in 12 weeks

Discover a brighter future

"I never thought would go plant-based but when I did it was a revelation. Brightplate grew out of that. We wanted to make exploring the joys of plant-based as easy, fulfilling and accessible as possible."
Alex White
Co-Founder and CEO, Brightplate Inc.